Remove Attentive Antivirus

Have you ever been exposed to Attentive Antivirus rogue antispyware?

If so, you will definitely know what to expect of Attentive Antivirus . When a program comes bearing such a name, you would expect it to be beneficial to your system, but alas, Attentive Antivirus does not live up to its name. It is a fake antivirus program and what is worse – it comes from the WinWebSec family of computer malware that has spawned such notorious threats as Live Security Platinum and System Progressive Protection. Therefore, it goes without saying that this new rogue here is extremely dangerous and it cannot be left alone. Immediate Attentive Antivirus removal is necessary if you want your computer to go back to normal.

Attentive Antivirus  Remove Attentive Antivirus

How Attentive Virus work?

The essential novelty that differentiates Attentive Antivirus from other similar infections is its interface. Previously all WinWebSec rogues had a washed-out pink interface and it was easy to tell when we got a new infection from the same nest. Attentive Antivirus , however, comes with a revamped blue interface, and it looks so sophisticated that it may be hard to tell it apart from legitimate antimalware programs. However, there is one factor that allows you to realize this program is a malicious infection – it is simply too eager to sell its service.

The moment Attentive Antivirus gets into your system; it modifies the Windows Registry in a way that allows this fake AV to run automatically whenever the computer is turned on. Thus, the fake AV window pops up into the screen of a compromised computer and initializes a fake system scan at once. It is common for computer systems to have various unwanted files or applications that accumulate over time, however, Attentive Antivirus “detects” malware that is definitely not present on your PC otherwise you would have noticed that something was wrong long ago. For example, the rogue “finds” Win32/Sinowal.gen!X, Win32/OpenCandy, Win32/Daurso, Win32/Zbot and many other Trojans and malicious applications that are supposedly to blame for erratic computer behavior.Download Removal Toolto remove Attentive Antivirus

Why you need to remove Attentive Antivirus ?

The truth, however, is that Attentive Antivirus is the one try to wreck your system. For one, it tries to remain on your PC for as long as possible so it blocks a number of exe files and system utilities that would help you to remove Attentive Antivirus manually. For example, it blocks Task Manager and Registry Editor Utilities that are essential in manual malware removal. As far as executable files are concerned, each time the rogue blocks a program, it displays the following message:


So when a user is driven into a corner, it seems that the only way out of this situation is to acquire a full version of Attentive Antivirus and be done with it. But! This is exactly what the rogue wants us all to do! And you know why? Because when we purchase the full version of this fake AV, we reveal our credit card credentials to cyber criminals. Once they get a hold of this information, they can carry out illegal financial operations, little by little draining the money from our bank accounts. And certainly, this is not something we all would want, right?

Automatic Attentive Antivirus Removal

To avoid dire infection consequences, we have to remove Attentive Antivirus from our computers. To bypass the program and potential Internet connection block, it is best to “register” the fake AV with the following activation code:


Once you have the rogue “activated”, all your programs will start working again for a time being. Then you have to get yourself a reliable computer security program that will help you remove Attentive Antivirus automatically. Of course, manual removal is possible as well, but that is not recommended, because you may end up removing important system files. For automatic removal, you need to access the Internet and download a reliable antimalware scanner. Then install the program downloaded and simply scan your computer. You may need to invest in a legitimate program to terminate Attentive Antivirus for good, but that would be beneficial to you in the long run, because a security program of choice would protect your system from further infections as well.Download Removal Toolto remove Attentive Antivirus

Manual Attentive Antivirus Removal Method

Manual Attentive Antivirus  Removal method is another way of removing this nasty virus but this way is not automatic. You’ll need to take care of everything by yourself.

P.S If you are not an advanced computer user, this removal method is not for you.

1. Stop Attentive Antivirus Spyware  active processes .

To do that, you need to download Process Explorer on your computer and save it as “explorer.exe”. Run this tool, and end Attentive Antivirus malware processes

  • %CommonAppData%\WaDprnV7\WaDprnV7.exe

2. Now your need to find and remove these  Attentive Antivirus Virus files from your computer :

  • %CommonAppData%\WaDprnV7\WaDprnV7.exe.manifest
  • %CommonAppData%\WaDprnV7\WaDprnV7.ico
  • %CommonAppData%\WaDprnV7\WaDprnV7kassgxDq.lg
  • %CommonAppData%\WaDprnV7\DD1
  • %CommonAppData%\WaDprnV7\


3.  Next step is to  edit the registry and remove Attentive Antivirus entries.

To run registry editor, click on “Start—>Run” type, “regedit” and click OK button.

  • HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Attentive Antivirus\UninstallString “%AppData%\[Random]\[Random].exe” -u
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “AA2014″ = “%CommonAppData%\WaDprnV7\WaDprnV7.exe”

After following above steps, please restart  your computer and see If you face any further problems Removal Toolto remove Attentive Antivirus

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